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How many dates should you have with him before you decide the time has come to sleep with him?
Is there an unwritten 3-date or 5-date rule to hold out for?

At what point when you’re seeing him regularly, does dating become a relationship?

When do you both agree to come off the dating site?
What happens it one comes off and you find that the other has stayed on…

I would love to know the answers to these online dating dilemmas

#dating Are newly single women of a certain age looking for younger love now?

According to the weekend’s newspapers, Monica Porter felt her life was over when her 60th birthday coincided with the end of her second marriage.

Divorce, bereavement, the empty nest, or leaving your job through redundancy or retirement will often make you reconsider your life.
Taking up a hobby or joining a club is often suggested as a way to combat this sadness so Monica could have joined her local WI or any other club.

But her way forward was to find hot young men online, who were blind dates, to have random sex with,
And then write a book about her encounters.
By the way, she sold her online dating profile as a younger age 54 singleton.
She obviously looked OK, or they mostly met in the dark as she didn’t mention any young men who ran away at first sighting.

Monica found that Technology and dating had changed dramatically since she was previously single. The number of on-line dating websites and apps was confusing to her as was the quality of the age 60-something newly single men she encountered who time and age had not treated kindly.
Nonetheless she soldiered on.

According to Monica, there were dozens of hot single young men out there aged 20-30, all ready and willing for sex with older women. For them, the “zipless encounter” is less about a thrilling fantasy and more about saving time – a bit of slap & tickle then home before Match of the Day……….and also maybe money.
Monica bought the drinks and she took her young lovers to her own flat.

She wrote, “My experiment took me down some shadowy and chancy, not always wholesome, but always thoroughly invigorating rabbit holes”
thus shining a new light on Watership Down and another layer of meaning to the phrase- At It Like Rabbits.

Never wise to take a total stranger to your home for sex after a 45 minutes acquaintance in a bar.
At least one encounter took a frightening turn and she was lucky not to be seriously assaulted or worse.

After a year, ( or maybe that was the time the book publishers had given her to write the commissioned book)?
Monica realised her online pick-ups were treating her the same way she had regarded them.
Describing one lover as “So well-constructed I defy any red-blooded woman not to drool over the photo of him in his swimming trunks”
doesn’t suggest discussing Proust was on the agenda that evening.
She grumbled about the lack of “emotional value” which is illogical to say the least.

There’s a time and place for everything, including casual pick-ups between consenting adults.
As long as nobody is being exploited or deceived,
it’s very much your own business
Or you can make it everybody’s business by writing a book.

you can use an online dating website to find worthwhile relationships
where you get to know your possible partner, whatever his age,
But first and foremost as a friend
who values you as a person as much as you should value yourself.
Take note Monica,and all single ladies out there-

if you don’t value yourself- no-one else will…




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Another week
a new online date.

This time I met a man, 20 years older than me, who I have to admit was not unattractive and did look young for his age.
Although I do constantly wonder why British men don’t look after their teeth?
Don’t they care?
We agreed to only meet initially for a quick coffee and within the first 5 minutes the conversation had turned to his recent online dating life.

After hearing about his dating life, around 30 dates in the last couple of months which seemed rather a lot to me…..leaving your options open?
It seems that most of the single women he had met are way naughtier and promiscuous, than single men nowadays, especially those women in the age 50+ age group.

He told me that all of his recent dates had been very keen to progress the date further, telling him that they would love to see him again and not just schedule him in, but schedule him in around the current lovers they were already seeing. Moreover one of the women told him she held swingers’ parties in Mayfair, whilst the other women it seemed were, let’s say, very busy and satisfied- thank you!

Well I’m no prude, but frankly I was shocked by the apparent behaviour of these women.  This 72 year old man was neither super-rich (he didn’t actually even buy me a coffee on our fleeting meeting) nor super-good looking but nevertheless had been regularly propositioned.
Not by me.

Times have obviously changed.
It’s the women who have become the hunters.
The poor chaps haven’t got a chance! And this isn’t just confined to dating online dating.