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Men may think choosing a nice restaurant and flashing the cash is the way to impress on a date. But the real work, it seems, starts when we sit down at the table.

Research has found that food significantly impacts how we feel about our date. It seems salad is a poor choice for men, as it apparently suggests that they could be boring and even wimpy, more than health conscious.

In this same research the men say that they find women attractive if they have a good appetite, and get stuck into their food,

Only small percentage of men expected their date to engage in banter with their waiter, more than half the women who took part in this survey were more expectant in their expectations, especially in that their dates should have good manners in all ways and also offer to pick up the bill., .

How ditching your man can help you lose weight

How ditching your man can help you lose weight

It’s often assumed that break-ups can lead to heartbroken women piling on the pounds.
But for those in a poor relationhip ditching their partner could be the key to losing weight, says a study.

Researchers found that women in an unhappy relationship on average weighed up to a stone more than those in happier partnerships.
This is possibly down to the fact that women were happy to follow unhealthy eating patterns to avoid confrontation with their partners. However men seemed to be totally immune to the problem and do not gain or lose an inch at the waist, whatever their emotional state.

These studies suggest that women…may engage in unhealthy behaviours to please their partner or maintain their relationship with them.

In the study, 43 heterosexual couples, aged 18-69, were quizzed about their relationship, lifestyle, and willingness to lose weight, including unhealthy behaviour such as drinking, snacking or drinking too much together.

The questions were also designed to reveal how happy or unhappy they were, including level of commitment and sharing.

The study said that some women were tempted to follow their partners’ bad habits for the sake of peace, giving the couples at least one shared pleasure in common.
But an overall a healthy relationship encouraged good eating habits.

Now we are into 2017, January seems to be speeding past and it’s nearly Valentine’s Day.

Now we are into 2017, January seems to be speeding past and it’s nearly Valentine’s Day.
The worse date possible for all us singletons, worse than New Year’s Eve as it’s an in-your-face-reminder that we are no longer in a relationship.
So what to do?
Firstly ignore all those smug couples and arrange a night out with a group of your other single mates. You could go and do anything fun which is not a couple-y restaurant, bar or club related outing.
How about a quiz night, a sporty evening, the cinema, the theatre, a music gig or a fun karaoke session?
Arrange a fun at home evening where you host a themed evening, not Valentines!
However whilst you are organising entertainment for yourself and your friends you could also browse for free online at and see if there is anyone’s profiles that take your fancy. You never know you could end up with a blossoming romance by February 14th!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
Did you feel that you were the only one without a date on new Years Eve? Is your New Year’s resolution for 2017 is that you will never spend another New Years Eve sitting on your own at home. But that you will be in a happy significant relationship by 2018? Then why not try online dating. It’s free to join up and browse and you never know who might find you online! It could be your Mr or Mrs Right. It’s all about timing isn’t it?
It’s specially for discerning mature professionals, age 40plus, just like you.