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Dating has changed so much in the last 30-40 years
Then: A date was requested by a proper phone call and real life conversation
Now: A date is suggested by text and often with no real life conversation

Then: A date would always be paid for by the man
Now: The man may have had much of his money given by the Divorce Courts to the last ex-wife or two and therefore he may be grateful to share the bill.

Then: we generally dated someone around our own age group. The thought of a 20/30 year old dating a 50/60 year old man would never have crossed our minds as it would have been like dating our dads. 50 was old then. Not cool!
Now: Men of 50 or 60 mostly want to date 20, 30, 40 year old girls. Rarely women of their own age. These younger women seem happy to oblige, especially if the man has money, well nothing has really changed there then!

Then: We found our single men organically, and people stayed married for more than a nano-second, even if the relationship wasn’t perfect.
Now: we find our dates online, window-shopping with a tick-list of requirements whilst relationships and marriage are transient.
Relationship not working? On to the next.

Then: It was really mostly younger people who dated. The 40 plus stayed married unless they were bereaved.
Now: Dating is for all ages, as so many women (not just the men) have initiated to end their marriages. And it’s just as difficult for the younger girls as us older single women to find a good man as they’ve all been snapped up quicker than you can text, email or tweet “Hi, want a date?!”
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