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Newly Single Dating Blog - The companion site to newlysingledating.co.uk

#dating #dinnerdate finding love on TV


Dinner Date Decides Your Mate

 With several friends and acquaintances newly single, as we now delicately call it, my attention has been drawn to TV match-making and dating programmes. Hmm… Must admit, were I re-launching on the dating scene again at this mature age, I wouldn”t choose to do it on national TV. Hats off to those who do, but…crikey. I”d be looking up matchmaking agencies and internet dating sites, licketty-split!

For research purposes, I watched ITV2″s Dinner Dates which was introduced by a sponsoring advert showing pretty pearly feet in you-know-what-me-shoes but, dearie me, not preparing for a date – advertising modern version of corn plasters. Sets the romantic tone a treat.

Format was: single chap selects three menus then meets lady claiming responsibility. There were actually five menus from which to choose. We never found out what happened to the unchosen two (poised with a potato peeler awaiting a summons which never came?) nor why they didn”t make the grade. Actually, their menus were rather a giveaway: King Prawn Risotto with Pink Champagne (Key ingredient? Accompanying tipple? It wasn”t clear) followed by Individual Beef Wellingtons with Onion Gravy. Didn’t appeal. Nor was Our Man sure about what the other menu offered. “Grilled halloumi? Some sort of fish?”

So off he went to dine with Sheryl, “I”m looking for someone active”, first seen punching the daylights out of her gym trainer. Next was Beverley who apparently levitates people in her living room and last, jolly Camilla who strongly resembled someone I dislike (not her fault) and mixed up her identical plates & place mats, serving pudding on the latter. Suspect some drink had been taken by this time and they both laughed a lot. Much more than warranted, hence my suspicions about the booze.

Possibly through editing or a tight budget, each dating モバイル カジノ occasion seemed rushed. Once spoon hit pudding bowl, the taxi was at the door and that was it, no time to find out more about Beverley”s paranormal interests or Camilla”s lodgers. No coffee either – which I”d resent.

All three single ladies then dressed to the nines to discover their fate – or reward, depending on your point of view. The winning lady was treated to “a romantic dinner” at a posh restaurant (programme”s description) Dunno how really posh it was but they appeared to be the only diners there, possibly unromantically very early evening?  I guessed the winner knew she’d clicked when she answered the door ready to go complete with handbag.

Programme definitely biased towards the man who enjoyed four dinners he hadn’t cooked. The unlucky (again, depending on your point of view) two ladies received a knock on the front door and a trolley with a silver cover hiding what looked in Camilla”s case like a seriously nasty ready meal. Give her credit, she was staunch & jolly to the last, heroically choking down King Prawn Paella with Chicken and Chorizo (I took notes) while obviously thinking I got dressed up for this?

Joking aside, I have reservations about programmes like this. Goodness sakes, finding a life companion is tricky enough without forcing limitations like three courses in which to decide. All credit to the participants, who seemed genuine and pleasant, but if they really want to find someone special, a reputable dating site would give them more privacy and time.


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