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The Dating minefield,

The Dating minefield,

In this new era of openness and exposure, it can sometimes be difficult for everyday men to entertain ladies whilst fearful of breaking any boundaries.

1. Be yourself – this may seem like an obvious thing to say, but the world of dating is a political minefield and it can be difficult to know what you can and cannot say. But, most importantly, be you. Not a fearful, politically correct and apologetic you, or a rebellious ball-of-adolescent ignorance kind of guy, but a person that’s true to you beyond any act. The good man in you will attract a good woman.

2. Be clear about your intentions – make sure that it’s obvious what your intentions are from the getgo. Going into a date as a friend will leave you in the one place that men dread: The Friend Zone. Show yourself as a sexual, self-aware, vulnerable being and you will be on the path to success.

3. Don’t play games – kiss-chase belongs on the playground and not in the adult dating world. If you are dating someone, they don’t want to be playing dress-up and guess who, so be truthful about how you feel, who you are, what you want, your fears, fantasies and everything in between.

4. Ask questions – and just as important; listen. Remember that you’re engaging with another person, so show some genuine curiosity and interest in finding common ground. Too many men get so obsessed with putting on a good show and flaunting their ego that there’s no space left for genuine connection, exploration and fun!

5. Be genuine – in the post #MeToo world, being brave and being open has become more acceptable. More than anything, though, we are all individuals with our own stories. Be sure to share your story from your heart and show some compassion and emotion. Show up and share your heart

Happy online dating and meeting up with your prospective dates.