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Valentines Day, in my opinion, is a million times worse than Christmas Day in terms of commercialisation.  We get overwhelmed with offers of overpriced flowers, roses with no smell, restaurants offering a tweaked love-themed menu at a higher price and all sorts of random business promotions linked to Love.

This did not come from this day’s namesake Saint, St Valentine, who was apparently imprisoned and later executed for performing weddings for Roman soldiers.
I understand the need for tough soldiers not to be distracted from Imperial duty by stressing over table plans and dealing diplomatically with difficult mothers-in-law-to-be,  but executing the priest/wedding planner seems bit harsh….
No, the romantic love associations are the work of Geoffrey Chaucer, in his poem referring to birds choosing their mates on Valentine’s Day.  Therefore you can place the blame firmly on his shoulders for all cards and other Valentines Day tat.

Times are hard for businesses and high streets are struggling. My local shopping centre now mostly consists of charity shops – like so many towns today. They have all made gallant attempts at the Big V theme. Red paper hearts stuck on windows, all sorts of red clothing, teddy bears clutching felt hearts, presumably handed in by loyal customers recycling their own unwanted past Valentine collections.

According to a recent survey from a daily deals search engine, this is very much today’s mood. “Forget flowers and chocolates, love birds in the UK are buying heavily discounted jewellery and bargain lingerie”. This year’s top gift is a sterling silver personalised triple ring necklace which sounds OK to me. Not too sure though about the second gift on the list “Personalise my M&Ms” because the sweets aren’t that big: the names Amy or Andy might fit but what about Samantha or Jonathan? Suppose there’s a special message in the packet and you accidentally eat the crucial word? Could lead to a tense evening….So awkward…

When you’re single, Valentine’s Day is like New Year’s Eve, the worst day of the year to be single as it feels so publicly on show that you are actually single.

However confident we appear, everyone has vulnerable moments when the ads seem aimed at us personally, suggesting that the whole world is happily paired up – with one exception…..

Of course, there are ways to lift that lonely feeling. You could treat yourself to your own feel-good self-confidence boosting sexy NON cut-price undies, or simply indulge yourself in any way that makes you feel special and tell yourself Valentine’s Day is just a day – one day in the year, leaving 364 other days to find your special someone.

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