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Has anyone else who has on-line dated, noticed that on certain days of the year, like New Years Eve and Valentine’s Day, when we are all supposed to be happily coupled up, we purposely don’t log on-line that day but wait until the day after…… to save our “dating” face!
So with plans for a pending blind date Saturday 15th,  everything was left to be confirmed until the actual morning.

When you meet your blind date, how long does it take to decide whether you’d like to leave it at just a drink or continue your drink onto lunch or dinner?
Even if you don’t have that initial chemistry, you may still like to have a little longer to see if your date grows on you through personality rather than initial attraction.

So, within 10 minutes, when my date grabbed my hand across the table, looking into my eyes, saying, “what do you think, shall we meet again”? …
I was somewhat taken aback.

If you absolutely aren’t feeling it straight away, then of course the answer is no…..we won’t meet again,  but if you find your date good company, but maybe not initially sizzling hot!…you may still like to give him a little more time.Well at least wait until you’ve both finished your drinks to reply.

What would you have done?
How long do you take to decide if you’d like to have a 2nd date?
And what would you say to your date?

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